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"GJKEntertainment is like Mt. Everest You can never reach the top without trying"
-GiJun Kim-

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The Highest

GJK's first official studio/cover album is soon coming out!

It contains famous covers such as "Nothin' On You", "Firework", "Grenade" and more.

For more information, check out the 'music' section.

Who is GJK?

GJK is the CEO of GJKEntertainment. He also works in music, by making instrumentals and singing. He currently has no albums other than digital singles. He enjoys working and making musics with Somboady.


GJK LIFE is sponsered by GJKentertainments. 

In GJKentertainments, there are:







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Who is Hotplay?

Hotplay is a International band, and plays some Heavy Metal music. It's Producer is GJK. They are all skilled but new at performing. We cannot mention the band members name becuase it is kept private untill December 14th, when Shortcut releases. 

Who is Flamerain?

Flamerain is a BRANDNEW band. They are not as famous as Hotplay, but as GJK produces some songs for them, they will be soon popular, and will also have a concert. Flamerain's album is going to release next year, in January.

Who is Somboady?

 Somboady is a valuable member of GJKentertainments. His not a band nor a singer. He composes amazing musics. His preparing a new album, Process of Elimination. If you want to know more about him, read our news section or go to his official website, www.somboady.co.nr


Who is Silvervain?

Silvervain is a REAL Playing band. However, They don't make songs, they make remixes of songs with instruments. (Also called Instrumental). Silvervain stopped working since 2008, but fans believe that soon they will comeback. See official website: www.silvervain.webs.com